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📣Specification of muslim engagement invitation card:

Description: muslim engagement invitation card MM010
Delivery Timeline: Download option available after  successful payment
Ideal For: Share muslim engagement invitation card on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Print.
Delivery Format: Word file (Can be Convert to PDF)
Language: English
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A Muslim engagement invitation card is sent to a couple who got engaged recently or by the couple as an invitation to their friends and family. The fast story of the Muslim engagement invitation card is a well-known story for the believer in Muslim religions

Significance: In Muslim countries we claim to celebrate engagement ceremonies with a lot of pomp and show .khitabh is celebrated publicly and is held like a grand party in which drinks are served, music is played,  tremendous gifts are exchanged and the couple even come in close contact with one another among a mixed gathering .all of these activities are celebrated without any guilt or shame but people feel very proud on accomplishing such a party.

How to order this muslim engagement invitation card/order process:

We provide two options:
👍1st option:  Download the word file of the ceremony engagement by paying a minimal charge(Easily edit on mobile and computer on a comment or google docs)
👍2nd option: Place an order on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp button provided above. (Note: This is a custom order in which we provide a clean design along with several customizations, a final copy should be supplied in PDF & image format) Learn More.

✅What all do you get from the order:

*You will receive a complete set which includes awesome HD-designed cards in pdf and image format.
*Two times free revisions.
* Best ceremony engagement and size at the lowest price.
*24 hours delivery (Card will be shared on email and Whatsapp)
*Free from any kind of unnecessary watermark or  brand logo
*Make your Digital E-Card interactive and wow your guests.
*Add Google Maps / WhatsApp / Call / Email Links for free

✅What does this Wedding invitation template include?

This Wedding invitation template Indian has a double page.
👍1st page includes: 
• White color, Canary-yellow border, magenta floral pattern design. •Ganesh, golden flower, plum, and yellow color photo border.

•Bridegroom name, Date, day, year, wishes.

👍2nd page includes:

• White color, Vertically Canary-yellow border
• Hanging bells, Diya, elephant, and Lord Ganesha watermark all show the traditions of Indian culture.
• Wedding mantra, couple name, parents name.
• Rituals date, time, venue, location

✅Tradition and thoughts in Muslim weddings and muslim engagement invitation card.

Many people want to celebrate their ceremony engagement simply so they opt blank engagement invitation card for their ceremony engagement and they also organize a small party or do nikaah as simply as they want they don’t waste money on their wedding.
All of these activities are in complete discord with the sunnah in Islam and therefore it is important we give up the same .according to Islam khutbah should stay away from the eyes of people since there are no legal Shari consequences resulting from publicizing it. It also does not conclude into an actual nikah and may also lead to harmful results concerning the reputation.

✅Benefits of having a blank engagement invitation card designed by Milan Mantra.

• By sending a digital Wedding invitation card in English you save the tree and earth
• We send these Wedding card templates to Indian within 24hrs through WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, etc.
• Milan mantra gives you the budget-friendly and latest ceremony engagement templates with customization options.

📣FAQ related to a Wedding invitation.

✅Is an engagement ring allowed in Islam?

The tradition of engagement among Muslims is the exchange of rings and jeweler

✅What do we learn from the Muslim engagement?

There is no sharing of property or gifts or ornaments .until the couple is bound by the legal contract of nikah all such exchange is held to be unlawful in the light of the rights of practicing Muslims.

✅How do we celebrate ceremony engagement in Muslims??

The ceremony engagement in Muslims is called mangni .it is an official ceremony engagement between the bride and groom. Each family shares the other family with gifts of sweets, fruits, dry fruits, etc.

For your Muslim engagements card and more happy celebration, we have many unique invitation designs for you to choose from you may select and download and send your invitation through Whatsapp,emails , Facebook, and other social platforms. The engagement invitation card is trending this season and is a must-have good design for this website. Featuring this product the product is made based on an Indian traditional theme and color prints are in bold and beautiful graphics .this website has all the good products like engagement cards, mundan card, puja cards and so much more.

Thanks for trusting our website.
Download the latest and unique Indian engagement invitation card at a flat discount of 60./. Edit the word file in 2 mins and share the Indian engagement invitation card among family, and friends.

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