🌼What do you mean by Shok Sandesh invitation?

It is a message that you can send to someone during their time of sorrow or on a specific occasion to share their grief and express your sympathy.
Sending a Shok Sandesh is a heartfelt way to offer sorry and convey condolences during times of sorrow or at someone’s funeral. These messages are traditionally shared through written cards, letters, messages, and invitations and they play an important role in providing comfort and showing solidarity with those facing loss. Nowadays we are also using e-invite for sending shok sandesh invitations in hind.

🌼How do death invitation card in Hindi plays a vital role in inviting guests?

Shradhanjali invitation cards contribute to inviting your close ones as they contain every single necessary detail to set the tone of the event, express emotions, and provide a lasting keepsake.
A death invitation card in Hindi is a message or an inviting card that you share with your family, friends, neighbors, and all the dearest ones who are close to you. To join them at the funeral, you need this Shok Sandesh invitation card.

🌼Which type of design and customization should be provided by Milan Mantra?

Here you get a variety of options while choosing a Tervi invitation card. You can also find so many watermarks, and symbols in the background. You will get different color shades of the card muted color cards, subtle floral designs, and patterns.

🌼Background/watermarks included in our death invitation card in Hindi?

Some ideas for watermarks/backgrounds on the card that signify nature’s beauty or represent respect, religion, and affection.

Symbols/elements/background/sticker/design for watermark:
1. Floral patterns
2. Deceased person photograph
3. Om
4. Swastik
5. Lotus
6. Marigold
7. Peacock
8. Peacock feathers
9. Water lilies
10. Nature elements
11. Calligraphy
12. Immense sticks
13. Religious motifs symbols…etc can be used in the background of the shradhanjali invitation card.

🌼How to download this Death Tervi invitation card in Hindi?

Click on the “Download Word file” button above. Navigate to checkout. Place the order and pay. Post payment you will get the option to download the Word file. You can also download by clicking on “My Account”-> “Downloads”. A Word file download link will also be sent to your registered email.

🌼What do you receive from your order:

1. You will receive a complete set that includes awesome HD-designed cards in PDF and image format.
2. Two times free revisions.
3. Shok sandesh invitation in Hindi in different languages and sizes at the cheapest price.
4. 24-hour delivery (Card will be shared on email and WhatsApp)
5. Free from any kind of unnecessary watermark or brand logo
6. Make your Digital E-Card interactive and wow your guests.
7. Add Google Maps / WhatsApp / Call / Email Links for free.

🌼How can you edit this Tervi invitation card in Hindi & can we convert the file to PDF?

This is a downloadable file in Word (Docx) format, you can open the file with any Word file editor like MS Word, Google Docs, or a mobile Word opener application. Edit all the fields accordingly and convert them to PDF either in MS Word or check for an online “word to PDF” converter.

🌼In which languages did you get the invitation card designed by Milan Mantra?

You can design your template text or language in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu, or Bengali…or you can choose your mother tongue.

🌼A key feature of getting a death invitation card from Milan Mantra:

1. We provide HD-quality cards. Through this eco-friendly invitation card, you can also save the earth.

2. Our shradhanjali invitation card includes traditional and religious symbols which add charm to the design.

3. Shok Sandesh invitations in Hindi are available in lots of colors, designs, patterns, and backgrounds.

4. All our card designs maintain both respect as well as religious values.

5. Customisation option also available. In the card, you can also include the deceased ones photograph.

6. We have a huge variety of cards for the Tervi invitation. Based on design, ethics, and religion.

7. We always take care of our customer’s choices, give attention and make them a priority.

8. We can also sell a Word file customized to the order. You can find the best and most beautiful card at a cheap price means you can get your dream card on your budget.

9. You can download the template instantly without getting any obstacles in the process of downloading. So, you can easily download the Word file.

10. Our Shok Sandesh invitation has a separate section to showcase your details like greeting messages date and time, venue, and feast timings.

11. Hassle-free and 100% secure checkout and payments.

12. 24/7 support for any assistance related to your House warming invitation issues.

🌼What do these elegant shok sandesh invitations in Hindi include?

It contains all the details related to the tervi ceremony such as:

1. Available in variant colors, patterns, designs, backgrounds, sizes, shapes…etc
2. Om, immense sticks, diyas, holding hands, praying hands, lotus, Rose flower, peacock, golden pattern, marigold garland, floral design…etc in the background.
3. Deceased person photograph.
4. Name, and DOB of deceased person.
5. Venue date, day, and year.
6. Feast/Dinner timing, venue, and address.
7. Wishes/quotes/slogans.
8. RSVP…etc

💌FAQ related to the Shok Sandesh.

✅How to make a Shok Sandesh invitation card in Hindi?

First, choose a template. Select a simple and elegant design that suits the occasion. Give it a title.  Add a photograph. Choose appropriate fonts and colors. Black, white, and muted tones are often used for funeral invitations. Write these things inside the card- The deceased person’s name, date of birth, and date of passing. A brief invitation message, such as: “You are invited to join us in celebrating the life of [Name].” Date, time, and location of the funeral service, Rsvp these basic things must be added to the Shradhanjali card.

✅Background ideas for the funeral invitation card?

Use muted and respectful colors like black, white, gray, or navy blue to set a somber tone. Add subtle floral patterns. Include religious symbols or motifs that are meaningful to the deceased or their family, if applicable. Add a photo of the departed on the card, surrounded by a tasteful border. Write a meaningful quote, verse, or poem that reflects the person’s life or beliefs. Add the name, birth, and passing dates, and a brief in Memoriam message.

✅Motifs for Shradhanjali invitation card?

You can use religious symbols such as Om, swastika…etc. Symbolizing beauty and showing the nature of life, flowers like lotus, marigolds, or white lilies are often used.
Use candles, diyas, and immense sticks that represent the light that guides the departed soul. Joining hands, praying hands, or namaste which signify respect and prayer.
So these are some ideas of symbols or motifs that can be used in the Shradhanjali card.

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