Most Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

No, Is Milan Mantra  is not a matrimony site. You can create a customised online marriage biodata and you can purchase one of our premium biodata templates in PDF and image format.

To create biodata you need to select your desire template and feel up the details using our three step form.  Submit the form by clicking final submission. Pay using payment methods. After successful order you will get your biodata on your email , whatsapp and milan mantra account within 1 hr.

Yes we follow manual process to create your stunning biodata. You will not directly get your biodata after submitting the form. We will take 1 hr to complete your biodata and send to your whatsapp, email and milan mantr account.

We will send/deliver PDF and Image of your customise biodata.

No, It’s not absolutely free but the charge we are taking is so minimal that it can be considered to be the cheapest.

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