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What is Mundan ceremony

Mundan is the act of shaving or removal of baby’s first hair from the head. Mundan is one of the important ceremony for Hindu and symbolized purity. According to Hindu mythology, a soul gets a human body after experiencing 84 lakh yonis. It is believed that each yoni has its influence on human birth. The shaving off the hair is taken into account to be a gesture of purification from the previous yonis and freedom from the past.
Mundan has some scientific benefits as well, the saved head helps in proper blood flow from body to head & nerves system and keep the mind cool and calm.

Rituals involved in Mundan ceremony

1. Mundan is always performed on mundan muhurt, auspicious day which is been decided by the priest.

2. Havan and Puja been performed by the main priest in which parents participation is very important along with the child.

3. Rituals can be performed at a neat and clean place weather at home, Temple or any preferred places.

3. The priest perform different rituals chanting of mantras, Havan and Pooja followed by prasadam.

4. Child’s head is been saved off and cleanliness of head is been performed by holy water and Chandan follow by bath.

5. Finally the shaved hair is offered to the Gods or been given away as suggested by the priest.

6. This ceremony is followed by  dinner or feast for people who has participated in the ceremony nd dear ones.

When Mundan Ceremony needs to be done?

The practice of mundan ceremony is an age-old retuals for Hindu. Most prefered time for mundan of child is between age 1-3 years when the child has to have the first growth of hair. Althrough it can be performed at later ages as well.

Is mundan invitation card are required for mundan ceremony?

Mundan invitation card is not a mandatory thing required for a Mandan ceremony. it’s a personal choice of the parents to have a mundan ceremony invitation card so that it adds a charm to mundan invitation for mundan ceremony. Milan Mantra provides you a rich choice for mundan invitation card with customized designed cards which includes baby’s photo.

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