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Engagement on this day came into everyone’s life. From childhood, we hear from our parents that a king/queen will come into our life when we grow up. It means we have to be married. So, we all wanted a grand celebration of our engagement. Engagement also means roka it came before marriage. 

Here, you can find beautiful, customized Engagement invitation cards with subtle Engagement card designs. On your special day, we will make your Engagement card with beautiful designs to make it more special and memorable.

How does an engagement card play an important role in India?

Engagement day is a special and memorable day of everyone’s life. So on this special day, you invite all your relatives, friends, neighbours and all your close ones. For this, you send a proper invitation message to invite everyone. Though distributing these Engagement cards makes your work easy. In the engagement card, everything included the day, time, venue,… etc so everyone come and enjoys it or also gave blessings to the couple.

What are the things included in the Engagement invitation card?

So, Here Engagement invitation card includes the name of the couple who further became bride and groom in the future. Their parent’s name is written after that which is also necessary. You can also add your siblings’ names too. Then the date, month, and year that which day this special ceremony is held; time should be also mentioned so everyone will come on time. The venue should be also written which includes which hotel resort or which place, location of the venue where this ceremony going to happen so all the guests will reach without any type of obstacle. Then you can also add any slogan, or quotes related to invitations to enhance your card. Therefore, these things are written  in engagement invitation card. You can also customised it with your own ideas and thoughts.

Which type of Engagement card design do we provide?

There are lots of designs available for you here I mentioned some for your little information. A birthday card d, a Saadi card are way similar to any other invitation card but an Engagement invitation card is way different. It should look more casual and formal. This is the first invitation message for your wedding that you sent over to your family, friends, and relatives.

 So, as it is so special it had to be properly decorated. Here are some engagement card design ideas:

Here, we can also allow you to customise your cards. We customised the design which you want to print on the card so that your card looks to become more perfect.

modern indian engagement invitation cards
Red charming cards-Floral design and elements
2Milan Mantra ring ceremony 003
Simple cards-which look also stylish with some minimal flower design
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Border design-which includes bold, broad, thick-to-thin designs. This design also gives a unique look to the card as it designs on all four sides of the card.

*Floral patterns or designs also give an attractive look to the card.

*Now days Mandala art is also popular so we can also add this to our design list.

*As we all know Radhakrishna is also a symbol of love. So, you can also add a Radha Krishna watermark in the background of the card. It makes your card a bit religious and the watermark makes your card more enchanting.

Which type of Engagement card design do we provide?

We have engagement invitation cards with floral, broad border Engagement card designs. The quality of the picture is also good and unique which we provided in our Engagement card design.

 On this(Engagement) day where gathered all family members, relatives, and friends, together to celebrate and congratulate the couple. So your engagement card should also include some special names your parent’s and sibling’s names with designs. Marathi invitation cards are also similar to these Engagement cards. Maharashtrians like their Invitation card in Marathi with bold writing and design. They also like their Engagement card images to look unique so that everyone will appreciate them.

Which type of Engagement card design do we provide?

After discussing card designs and patterns. Now, we discuss the images or pictures which make your card complete. Images or pictures on the card are like a symbol by which without reading the full details of the invitation card we became acquainted with the purpose of the card or the purpose of the celebration. For example- On birthday invitation card balloon, cake, birthday cap, etc are drawn on it; so while seeing we came to know this is a birthday invitation card for a birthday party.

              So, here on your Engagement card, you can put any type of couple pic. Any Bollywood,Hollywood couple character which is your favorite you can also use their images, or any mandala art design couple image. You can also put your image to make it more attractive to inviters and to give a versatile look to your engagement wedding card. You can also include two rings means a couple rings this will also look so quiet and pretty and give your card an adorable look. 

Here, we provide a few glimpses of images from Milan Mantra for the Engagement invitation. We are going to show you some best collection of engagement invitation card designs from which you can choose one for your engagement.

Let’s design the elegant, delightful, and adorable card with Milan Mantra.

A key feature of our engagement invitation card from Milan Mantra:

  1. We use thick and good quality paper. Through this eco-friendly engagement card, you can also save the earth.

2. Our Engagement invitation card includes traditional and religious symbols which add charm to the design.

3. Engagement invitation cards are available in lots of colors, designs, and patterns.

4. All our card designs maintain both modern as well as religious values.

5. Customisation option also available. In the card, you can also include your photos, designs, and all the information required for the engagement invitation card all things can be customized according to your taste and choices.

6. We have a huge variation of Engagement cards based on design, ethics, and religion. Some of the best Engagement cards are also available in Marathi. 

7. You can also make the format of the invitation card in either English or Hindi as per your choice. We always take care of our customer’s choices.

We can certainly also give discounts to our customers. Here you can easily get a 10% to 30% discount. Hurry up you can get your dream cards at a very low cost in your budget So, without any negative thoughts buys these beautiful cards and make your engagement day more special with Milan Mantra.

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