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Q.What is Annaprashan/Annaprashan ceremony?

Ans. Annaprashan ceremony is celebrated when the infant becomes 6 months old or he turns 1 year old and also when the child needs more nutrition and every for their physical growth. Then in the Annaprashan ceremony people feed their babies with some solid food. After that day adults started to feed their infants solid food. Before this Annaprashan ceremony babies can be only fed with milk.

Q.How do we celebrate the Annaprashan ceremony?

Ans: In the Annaprashan ceremony, firstly everyone worships the God for the baby’s health, happiness, and prosperity. After puja and hawan feed the prasad to the baby, then then the mother of the baby sits properly by taking the baby on her lap and feeding the baby solid food such as rice, dal, vegetable, kheer, etc.

Q.Why Annaprashan ceremony important?

Ans. Food plays an important role in our lives. Food helps us in the growth of the body and gives us the energy to do work. Without food, all living beings can’t survive. After this day, you can start to introduce your child to the taste of the food. Infants/newborn babies usually depend on their mother’s milk but after a few months, the baby also needs vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein. So only feeding milk to your baby doesn’t make your baby strong but feeding some solid food makes your baby stronger and helps to grow up faster.

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Q. How can you present your Annaprashan invitation card?

Ans: You can send your Annaprashan card with some sweets, or gifts such as gold coins, silver coins, copper Krishna idol, flower bouquet, chocolate box….etc.

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