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How to Design Hindu wedding cards?

As we all know that for the last two years there was a pandemic situation and so everything is conducting in online mode and also wedding functions are also organized online mode and also many people were excited about the idea of going paperless and contributing to environmental sustainability . These Hindu wedding card design is most beautiful and stylish .inviting guest through a personalized marriage card design genuinely memorable. A
Hindu wedding card design is divided into many parts or we can say many people have many ideas or different choices of Hindu wedding card design.

Traditional design of Hindu wedding card design

It is mainly a common design that features spirituals emblems in the form of God Ganpati, pinker, conch, om symbol, and Swastik, these Indian religious symbols enhance the design aesthetic while also having spirituals significance .these symbols can vary depending on the religion and culture but they all look too and give off a sense of belonging.

CINEMATICS DESIGN for Hindu wedding card

it shows off your sense of humor. the hero is the groom and the heroine is the bride. these are some pretty stylish and one-of-a-kind designs.
Nowadays on Hindu wedding cards, couples give a beautiful picture of hethemselvesThese pictures can create the most realistic and beautiful E- Hindu wedding card design. you can also send a wedding invitation message with your favorite photo from the engagement shoot by applying various digital effects.
Unique wedding card design.
A simple south Indian wedding card design.
An elegant acrylic wedding invitation.
Vibrant Indian invitation card design.
A pop-up wedding card design.
So as we can see many people have many ideas .so they opt for unique wedding card design according to their choice.

unique wedding card GIF design

in Hindu wedding card design GIF also get popular these days. it is quite popular and makes the E-wedding invites distinct and impressive GIf design include graphic elements and beautiful illustration of the entire wedding event in an organized way.

Blank background wedding invitation card design

Many people want to celebrate theirs. Wedding functions simply so they opt for blank background wedding invitation card design for their wedding and they also organize a small party or do Vivah as simple as they want. they don’t waste money on their wedding.

Lets discuss the Process involved in an Indian marriage and how marriage invitation card plays an important role.

The engagement ceremony

Engagement ceremony is one of the most important pre-wedding ceremonies. This event usually takes place a few months before the wedding .during the ceremony, the father of both is about to make a formal wedding announcement of their children to the guests .the bride and groom exchange rings amongst each ot

Mehendi ceremony

It is about applying Heena to the bride’s hands and feet. it takes a lot of time while the bride has to sit for hours to get Mehendi art done while other people celebrate by dancing and singing music.
Sangeet ceremony- it is basically for the women-centric event sangeet ceremonies should be a part of formal engagement event however in recent times it conducts individuals .all the family members enjoy a lot in sangeet ceremony by dancing music, etc.

Tilak ceremony

it is reckoned as the first step to the bond between two families .it takes place in the groom’s residence, where the male members of the bride’s family visit to put kumkum or vermilion on his forehead
Roka ceremony-. It is considered to be the first step toward marriage .it is like an official announcement. Of the consent of both the bride and groom to get married to each other .they also exchange gifts fruits, and clothes, and then puja is done by priests.


It is an emotional event that marks the completion of the wedding .it is an integral part of a wedding where the bride with teary eyes. Step out of the doors and rice over her head reflecting wealth and prosperity as she leaves in a car/ Vehicle bride’s brothers and cousins push the car which symbolizes that the brother is helping her start a new life with her husband.

Reception party

The post-wedding ceremony is a way of introducing the bride to the grooming community .This event has no mandatory rituals to be followed the ceremony comes packed with dancing music and a grand feast.

Wedding Industery In India:

The wedding is a major business in India .there are many businesses like unique invitation card design it is very costly in India because many people have many ideas like the designation wedding reception party pre-wedding shoot so it is a very good business for the future.

Some facts or questions on Hindu wedding

It’s believed that if there is a full moon one or two days before your wedding day, then your married life will be filled with good luck and happiness.

FAQ related to Hindu wedding

what is a Hindu Wedding ?

A wedding is known as Vivah in Hindu culture and the ceremony is known as Vivah sanskar in which two individuals perform various customs to begin their journey of life together and happy and celebrated 10 million weddings per year.

what is the right age for Marriage ?

According to Hindu tradition wedding, the average age of marriage for women in India has increased to 21 yrs. The majority of Indians have their marriages planned by their parents and another respected family member .nowadays Hindu tradition weddings has decreased the no of arranged marriages .they prefer love marriage, especially in the urban area of India like Mumbai and Delhi.

Marriage processes in Indian wedding

•engagement ceremony
• Mehendi ceremony
• Sangeet ceremony
• Tilak ceremony
• Roka ceremony
• vidaai
• reception
• blessing ceremony
• war domain ceremony
• Griha Pravesh ceremony
• mooh dikhai ceremony
• page phera ceremony

 How do we select our Hindu wedding card design?

We select it from online mode or any website or we can make our design to the wedding card to make it beautiful.

Lets Design the Beautiful and best marriage invitation card with Milan Mantra

We are team of expertise designer mainly focused on marriage invitation card and Marriage Biodata. We promised to deliver the best design in market and at the cheapest price. Trust and security is our main priorities that’s how we move together.

Key Feature of our marriage invitation card from Milan Mantra:

1. Wedding ceremony invitation card Includes traditional and religious symbols which add charm to design.

2. Wedding invitation cards are available in different colours and designs. all our cards are designed in such a way that they maintain the modern approach with religious values.

3. Customization options are available to card also include a child photos and all the information required for Indian marriage Invitations card.

4. Modern unique, refreshing, beautiful design considering the values and culture.

5. we have a large category of marriage card based on design, ethics and religion some of best marriage/wedding invitation categories are marriage invitation cards in Gujarati, marriage invitation cards in marathi, marriageinvitation card for Tamil, invitation card for Telugu, marriage card format in Hindi and many more..

How You can order the Wedding cards from Milan Mantra?

Contact us on WhatsApp 6300883243 or let us know using chat tool (right corner)
Send the details of your child along with Photo. We promise to deliver the Wedding card within 24hrs on your email and WhatsApp.
You are our valued customer and we are always there to help you fullest. 

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