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📣Specification of Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation:

Description: Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation MM091
Delivery Timeline: Download option available after  successful payment
Ideal For: Share Upnayan sanskar invitation card design on WhatsApp, Facebook or Print.
Delivery Format: Word file (Can be Convert to PDF)
Language: English
Devices: Editable on mobile, computer

✅How can you order this Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation/order process:

We provide two options:
👍1st option:  Download the word file of the Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation design in word by paying a minimal charge(Easily edit on mobile and computer word or google docs)
👍2nd option: Place an order on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp button provided above. (Note: This is a custom order in which we provide a clean design along with several customisations, a final copy should be provided in PDF & image format) Learn More.

✅What do you receive from your order:

*You will receive a complete set which includes an awesome HD invitation card design in pdf and image format.
*Two times free revisions.
*unique Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation design and size at the cheapest price.
*24 hours delivery (Card will be shared on email and Whatsapp)
*Free from any kind of unnecessary watermark or  brand logo
*Make your Digital Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation , interactive and wow your guests.
*Add Google Maps / WhatsApp / Call / Email Links for free.

✅Is this aThread Ceremony-Munj Invitation  that can be used multiple times?

Yes, the word document has a single invitation card design, and background which can be editable many times, All other fields such as name, venue, address, date and all things are easily editable. You can use this template again.

✅What does this Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation include?

This is a single-page Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation which contains all the details.
👇It includes:
•White colour, magenta pink pattern design on top.
•Hanging bells, Kalash, Swastik, fire pit, Hindu boy picture…etc
•Canary yellow temple-like design.
•About Ceremony
•Boy name
• Parents’ name/hostname
•Date, day, year, time
•Rituals timing, feast timing
• Venue, Rsvp…etc

✌You can customise this upnayan sanskar invitation card design according to your desire.

✅What is the feature of this Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation?

• You can customise this invitation card design according to your choice/desire.
• You can add thread ceremony-related pictures and motifs.
• You can also change the font, size, shape and design by yourself.

✅Benefits of designing a Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation from Milan Mantra.

• By sending a digital invitation card design you save the tree and the earth.
•It also saves you money and time.
• We send this invitation within 24hrs through WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, etc.
• Milan mantra gives you the cheapest and most beautiful collection of Upnayan invitation cards with customisation options.

📣FAQ related to a Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation

✅What is a threading ceremony?

Thread ceremony or Upanayanam Sanskar is known as a sacred rite of passage ritual for all Hindus basically from India. The sacred thread or Janeu is worn by Hindu boys mostly Brahmins following a series of rituals and steps.

✅What happens in the Hindu thread ceremony?

When a boy was ritually admitted to the study by his people of the sacred heritage. The boy wears a strand which signifies the importance of the three virtues that govern the rest of his life.

🌟What is unique about our Thread Ceremony-Munj Invitation? let’s see!

👉Milan Mantra is known for its best template design, we have around 10+ years of expertise in making cards.
👉No one can beat us in price, we have the cheapest yet traditional upnayan sanskar invitation card which contains all the details.
👉The upnayan sanskar card design has a separate section to showcase.
👉Hassle-free and 100% secure checkout and payments.
👉Last but not least, we give 24/7 support to our customers for any assistance related to your invitation card issues.

*What are you waiting for, move out from the traditional dull-looking Thread Ceremony Invitation Card into an ultra-modern Thread Ceremony  Card Impress your guest and provide beauty to your celebration…So, without any more delay get it now!


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