🧿What is Vastu Shanti Pooja?

Vastu Shanti pooja is performed by Hindus to appease Vastu Purush, the lord of directions and the five fundamental elements of nature. Known as the symbolic protector of the land, plot, home, building, apartment or even commercial and industrial, believes that it saves them from natural and unnatural calamities.

The main purpose of Vastu Shastra:

The main purpose of Vastu shastra is to bring stability, and peace, between people, nature, nature, wealth, pleasure, and prosperity and ensure harmony.
This pooja gives a positive vibe and removes the negative energy from the house. Also, protect the house from the evil eye.

🧿Rituals involved in Vastu Shanti pooja?

1. Vastu Shanti pooja performed on shubh muhurta, thithi and an auspicious day which is been decided by the priest.

2. Decorate it with Toran/Marigold flower tassel on the entrance door and planting of an auspicious tree, preferably Tulsi or you can also make rangoli.

3. Symbolic House Inspection, Formal lighting of fire and house purification. Sutra Veshthan (measurements)

4. Gruhapravesham.

5. Vastu Purush story and Vastu Mandal, Or perform Sankalpa, Poonyahvachanam, Ganesh Pooja, Kalasha Sthapana, Nava Graha Pooja, Varun and Vastu Purush Pooja, Vastu Purush Yagnya

6. Prayers to Vastu Purush and Resolutions

7. Aarati and Prasad

8. Burying the Vastu Purush in the North East Corner of the house.

Important tips:

• Havan and Puja are performed by the main priest in which all family members including owner participation is very important.

• The priest performs different rituals chanting mantras, Havan and lastly distributing the Prasad.

• This ceremony is followed by dinner or a feast for people who have participated in the ceremony and dear ones.

🧿How Vastu Shanti invitation card plays an important role to invite your guests?

A Vastu Shanti pooja invitation is a message or an inviting card that you share with your family, friends, neighbours and all the dearest ones who are close to you. For joining them in this auspicious puja, you need the Vastu Shanti invitation card.
As you are decided to perform a puja either at home/apartment/office/industry…etc. Through a Vastu Shanti invitation card, you can easily inform your family and friends about the pooja.

🧿Which type of Vastu Shanti invitation card is designed by Milan Mantra?

Here you get varieties of Vastu Shanti invitation cards. You can also find so many designs and symbols here for your Vastu Shanti invitation card.
The design also represents traditional motifs.
Traditional designs make the card look more relatable to Indian culture.
For this, you can use various motifs. Such as Swastik, Lord Ganesh’s image, Kalash, Swastik, Lord Vishnu…etc. These symbols make the card look traditional.

🧿What should be the background of the Vastu Shanti invitation template?

You can use watermarks/background on the card to look more attractive to the readers(Guests).

Some ideas that are used in watermarks are:

Symbols/elements/design for     watermark:
1. Flowers
2. Lord Vishnu
3. Lord Ganesh
4. Kalash
5. God’s images
6. Swastik
7. Firepit
8. Marigold flower tassel
9. Hanging bells
10. Banana tree…etc can be used in the background to enhance the Vastu Shanti invitation card.

🧿How to download this Vastu Shanti invitation template?

Click on the “Download word file” button above. Navigate to checkout. Place the order and pay. Post payment you will get the option to download the word file. You can also download by clicking on “My Account”-> “Downloads”. A Word file download link will also be sent to your registered email.

🧿What do you receive from your order:

1. You will receive a complete set which includes awesome HD-designed cards in pdf and image format.
2. Two times free revisions.
3. Beautifully designed invitation cards in different languages and sizes at the cheapest price.
4. 24 hours delivery (Card will be shared on email and Whatsapp)
5. Free from any kind of unnecessary watermark or brand logo
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7. Add Google Maps / WhatsApp / Call / Email Links for free.

🧿How can you edit this Vastu Shanti invitation card & can we convert the file to PDF?

This is a downloadable file is in word(Docx) format, you can open the file with any word file editor like MSWord, google docs or a mobile word opener application. Edit all the fields accordingly and convert it to pdf either in MS word or check for an online “word to pdf” converter.

🧿Is this an invitation card that can be used multiple times?

Yes, the word document has a single invitation card for Vastu Shanti pooja, and a background which can be editable many times, All other fields such as name, venue, address, date and all things are easily editable. You can use this template again.

🧿In which language did Milan Mantra design the Vastu Shanti invitation template?

You can get your card in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Urdu or Bengali…or you can choose another language.

🧿A key feature of getting a Vastu Shanti invitation card from Milan Mantra:

1. We provide HD-quality cards. Through this eco-friendly invitation card, you can also save the earth.

2. Our invitation card includes traditional and religious symbols which add charm to the design.

3. Vastu Shanti invitation templates are available in lots of colours, designs, patterns and templates.

4. All our card designs maintain both modern as well as religious values.

5. Customisation option also available. In the card, you can also include Vastu Shanti pooja-related motifs or pictures.

6. We have a huge variety of cards for the Vastu Shanti pooja. Based on design, ethics and religion.

7. We always take care of our customer’s choices, give attention and make them a priority.

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🧿What does this creative Vastu Shanti invitation card include?

It contains all the details related to the Vastu Shanti pooja such as:

1. It comes in so many colours.
2. Swastik, Kalash, Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, fire pit, priest, banana tree…etc in the background.
3. God’s picture.
4. Hostname
5. Date, day, and year.
6. Pooja, hawan timing.
7. Feast/Dinner timing, venue, and address.
8. Wishes/quotes/slogans.
9. RSVP…etc

🎯FAQ related to the Vastu Shanti.

✅Define Vastu.

The term Vastu is composed of two Sanskrit words Or Vastu Shastra derived from two Sanskrit words, where Vastu stands for “dwelling”(house, habitation, building on land or ground) and “Shastra” referring to a “doctrine or teaching”. In modern terms, it is the “science of architecture”.
It combines the five elements/’Paanchbhootas'(water, earth, air, fire, sky). Hence, Vastu Shastra is the principle of designing houses.

✅When to perform Vastu Shanti pooja?

Vastu Shanti pooja must be performed this time or on the following occasions:

• Purchase of a new home.
•When construction is not as per the Vastu rules.
• After the renovation of an old home gets completed.
• Before moving to a Rental home.
• When you owned a place which is not by the Vastu parameters.

Vastu Shanti Vidhi is performed by doing Dwar puja, boiling milk, Gauri-Ganesh, Kalash, Navgraha, Vastu puja, and different havans like Ganesh havan, Navagraha, Vastu, Varun havan is performed.

✅Do and don’t during Vastu pooja?

Do fast draw rangoli, decorate the main gate with toran and sprinkle gangajal in every corner of the house. Clean everywhere don’t keep anywhere dirty or dusty.
While the puja rituals going on, avoid drinking alcohol and eating non-veg before and after the pooja over that day.

✅Gift ideas/return gifts for Vastu Shanti?

You can gift a Sweet box, a Shagun envelope, a laughing Budha, a Crystal tortoise, idols of God, scented candles, silver or gold coins, silver utensils, a copper jug or bowl or any Feng Shui items.

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