Biodata for Marriage | How To Write a Perfect Biodata for Marriage

In India there is no greater event in a family than a wedding, dramatically evoking every possible social obligation, kinship bond, traditional value, impassioned sentiment, and economic resource.

Marriage is very much essential for virtually everyone in India and its journey starts with Biodata for Marriage, “Yes correct A Perfect Marriage Biodata”

Biodata for Marriage:
Biodata is the most important document for you to begin your search for a life partner on an online matrimonial platform. But as seen most of the biodata are like a grocery list i.e. Lack of designs and attractive expects, we end up creating a mess. Hence, A marriage biodata must be in the right format and design for proposals. 

What is Marriage biodata?
A Marriage biodata is a sheet of paper that contains all your details like Name, DOB, Height, Weight, Place of birth, time, family details, and all your personal and religious details and presented in a well-arranged manner. Biodata is the first impression of marriage and should we wrote and designed carefully.

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Hindi Marriage biodata templates:



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marriage bio data 

The Biodata for marriage format or Matrimonial CV is created for a particular purpose and hope it to use once in a lifetime. In the following lines, you will see Tips and Easy Ways to Write make Biodata for marriage. Biodata Format is an alternative word for a resume. Read on to find more about biodata format for marriage for boy, biodata format for marriage for girl, biodata format for marriage in word.

 The latest Biodata Format for marriage doc and a Resume for jobs are pretty different and in fact poles apart. While most of us would have created the CV for Job and also renewed as well as polished it many times over the period, the Bio data for marriage format or Matrimonial CV is created for a particular purpose and hope it to use once in a lifetime. In the following lines, you will see Tips and Easy Ways to Write make Biodata for marriage. Biodata Format is an alternative word for a resume. Read on to find more about biodata format for marriage for boy, biodata format for marriage for girl, biodata format for marriage in word.


What is the Importance of Biodata for Marriage?

Frankly speaking the Biodata for marriage should be given full consideration and value it deserves. Marriage is deemed to be a lifetime matter where you are trailing a person to share your whole life ahead. Another great point is that it is a unique relationship on its way to being made between two families. Hence if you have a clear, attractive and precise Biodata for marriage, you are more likely to find a compatible life partner who has the qualities you are looking for and also the potential partner looking for.

Tips to Write Biodata for Marriage.

We are going to discuss some points which will help you out to make your biodata unique and complete. Follow the steps and check against the points and you shall end up writing a clear and beautiful marriage Biodata.

You can choose among our pre-made design templates on Milan Mantra and fill up the Biodata form to get your  First perfect and unique Biodata in 3 simple steps.

Your Name and Contact Details: 
It should have the full name of the bride/bridegroom to be.

Underneath, there should be complete address like house (or flat/villa) number, floor number, street name, Road, and a city with a pin code number.

Since we live in the era of information technology, the remark of email id, mobile number is kind of mandatory along with your landline number. It is pertinent to notice here that some people create a separate email id, committed to the purpose of matrimonial matchmaking.

Photograph: A picture is worth a thousand words. In most of the cases, people mind looking first at the photo even before examining the marriage biodata. If the photo is missing or is not a good one, they will most likely lose all interest in reading the resume.

Therefore, do put a good picture of the bride/bridegroom to be. Of course, it should be color and a recent one. To set more than one photographs is completely your choice and it should be in later sections.

Also do not add a group photo with your friends or family. Ensure you are smiling and inappropriate clothes and accessories. Photos that simply show your face are not perfect. One should never try to edit or put any special effects to the photo.

About Yourself: Generally after seeing your name and address and having a good look at your photograph the reader now needs to know about you ( hence this section comes before the ‘About the Family’ and other sections). This section should hold almost everything about you but in brief only.

You may start by giving particulars regarding your physical appearance and looks. Hence the titles could be something like the following:

Appearance and Looks

  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Physical Disability ( only if applicable)
  • Status (only if Divorcee / Annulled/ Widow / Widower)

Professional Status: Here are a few sentences, implicating the reader about your company, your title, place of posting and the date when you commenced working with them. Discussing the exact salary has views on both sides, hence to be on the safer side an approximate figure with perks can be mentioned.

Of course, the self-employed like practicing Doctors, Lawyers or Chartered Accountants can give knowledge on similar lines.

Those in own business or family business will have to give different details, which have been discussed in the family section.

Educational and Professional Details: In this subsection give details of your academics in terms of professional and institutional qualifications. Unlike the Job CV where the higher qualifications are given more attention, in a marriage CV, the schooling does score a lot. The school period is a developmental period, hence do mention the name of the school, college, and university if they are reputed institutes and you are independent of them.

Of course, you may add/delete/modify any of the headings to suit your personal liking and needs. Keep in mind that the specifications and the information given in this section are sufficient to describe you.

About Family: As explained at the beginning of this article, the family details are as important if not more. Hence complete information needs to be given here about the members of the immediate family. The immediate family involves both the parents, brothers and sisters and their spouses.

As a checklist, the information about the family will see something like this:

  • Name of Father, his qualifications and occupation
  • Name of Mother, her qualifications and occupation (if working)
  • A number of brothers and sisters, qualifications and their occupations, mentioning the eldest / youngest, etc.
  • Family Structure: Nuclear or Joint

Here, you can include information about:

  • The religion or the belief system
  • Caste and sub-caste

It is voluntary to give information about the extended family members. Some people do like to precisely mention them if they are holding high positions in society or have a great career.

Personality – Interests and Hobbies

Although optional, this information will be of benefit to the future life partner and/or parents. If you require to attract the person who has similar tastes and choices, you should add these details.

There is a lot you can communicate here to express your personality, taste, style and way of looking at life. You may like to mention:

  • Eating Preferences: Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian
  • Similarly, mention if Smoker / Non-Smoker and teetotaler or not.

Sharing your hobbies, opinions about life, any special practices such as serving the poor, teaching the impoverished, knowledge of languages, countries traveled to, type of reading you do, etc. will give a fair idea of what type of person you are and will help draw someone with comparable interests. Having mutual interests and hobbies will go a long way to resolving this and by telling about your interests, you will be more likely to attract the right person.

Ideally, your life partner should also be your best friend.

What are you looking for?

So far under the past 5 headings, you were discussing all yourself and your family. This part is a total deviation from the past. In this section, you can describe your preferred life partner.

You need not be a writer or a poet to express your desires and preferences. It is as simple as suggesting that you would like to marry someone who has open to relocation – as you have a transferable job ( for example, you may be in Indian Airforce).

Similarly, you can make it clear whether or not you would like your bride to work after marriage. Furthermore, brides should also clearly state whether or not they want to continue working after marriage.

Eating habits are often a cause of argument so if you would prefer your spouse to be vegetarian or a good cook, then do mention this in your Biodata for marriage.

The world is evolving and people are getting open-minded, so if you and your family are open to out of the cast marriage then you should clearly mention so that you can get marriage proposals from other communities as well.

FAQ’s On Biodata for Marriage

Question 1.
What should be included in bio data for marriage?

A marriage biodata normally includes details such as name, age, date of birth, religion/caste, names and professions of parents, education, profession, salary, and expectations.

Question 2.
How do you write a marriage resume?

Easy Ways to write Marriage Resume

  • Name and Contact details.
  • Photograph
  • About yourself
  • About family
  •  Interests and Hobbies.
  • What are you looking for in your life partner?

Question 3.
What is the biodata sample?

Biodata is an acronym for the term biographical data. The biodata format includes relevant accurate information about a person, such as personal information (e.g., date of birth, gender, marital status, religion, height, complexion, father’s name, etc.)

Question 4.
What do you mean by marital status?

Marital status means the state of being married or not married – used on official forms to ask if a person is married, single, divorced, annulled or widowed. Biodata

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