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What is Griha Pravesh puja ?

A Griha Pravesh puja or ceremony, also known as Graha Pravesh or house warming ceremony or entering the newly made house. It is a Hindu puja ceremony performed when one enters a newly made home for the first time to purify the house’s environment and protect the house from negative energies from the house.  

In general, Indians are particular about shubh muhurats and rituals, when it comes to buying a property, shifting, or making a new house for the family. It is believed that performing a griha Pravesh ceremony, which is generally the house warming ceremony on an auspicious day, will bring them prosperity and wealth. The auspicious dates for the griha Pravesh puja or the house warming ceremony is marked by the priest based on the traditional astrological charts.

Believes Related to Griha Pravesh

According to Vastu shastra , a house is made up of five elements – the sun, earth, water, fire and wind and the proper alignment of these elements in a house, brings happiness, good health wealth and prosperity.

It is important for the owner of the house to know the correct muhurats for the griha pravesh puja or ceremony,hindus are generally performe griha pravesh puja according to their jyotish 

It is believed that coming for the first time in a new house during an auspicious time, makes life easy to live and comfortable and there will be minimum struggle for the entire family, after going to the new house.such muhurats like Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, Gudi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dussehra (also known as Vijayadashmi), while days like Uttarayana, Holi, Adhikmas and Shraddha Paksha are to be avoided,” for the house warming ceremony. 

A house warming performed on durga puja or Dussehra does not even require an auspicious time, as every moment of this day is considered auspicious. Before the griha pravesh, a kalash pooja is usually performed.

What house warming ceremony invitation card consits of, Lets See

The invitation message of the whole Griha Pravesh card should include the details of the housewarming ceremony, including the date and time and the house address. let’s see all those pointwise:
1. Welcome Message

2. Sanskrit shlok and god picture.
3. Beautiful home picture
4. Name of the house owner or parents.
5. Invitation messages or quote
6. occasion name, date, and time
7. occasion venue
8. contact details
9. rsvp

What is a house warming invitation card & message in hindi?Pravesh

A house warming invitation is a piece of information that you share with your friends and family inviting them on the event of Griha Pravesh or the first entry into your new home.
 The invitation message of the whole griha Pravesh card should include the details of the housewarming ceremony, including the date and time and the house address.
Here are some tips, to assist you to create a beautiful Griha Pravesh invitation card message.
1)House warming invitation card and message through,
2)Griha Pravesh invitation card message video 

house warming ceremony invitation card in hindi:

Design and convey personalized Griha pravesh Housewarming invitation card with your photo, name, piece of art or personalized invitation message/text according to your choice. You can download your Griha pravesh Housewarming Invitation card by any social media platform. You can send online invitation to your guest, relatives,friends can RSVP your invite and you will have list of people attending/not attending Griha pravesh Housewarming.
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Select from our editable griha pravesh housewarming invitation card in hindi font:
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Ceremonialize entering your new home for the very first time.

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Organizing a housewarming ceremony need a lot of preparation and effort. One of the main tasks, is inviting family, friends relatives for the function. For this, most important thing is to create e-invites and circulate the house warming invitation message among your family and friends’ your loved ones, groups on messaging apps. These invites can be chosen or can be created online, without any prior knowledge of designing or software. One can also browse through professionally-designed format griha pravesh invitation card in hindi message and cards available on social media platforms, for creativity.

Griha Pravesh invitation card designs

When you are about to perform puja for your Griha Pravesh, you can choose some traditional colors, motifs, and themes for the event. If you are preparing for a party and a get-together after the Griha Pravesh House warming invitation, you can choose some bright colors or casual cocolorsuch as pink and white yellow. Make sure that you mention the schedule and the timings on the Griha Pravesh invitation message. Also mention the dress code, if you expect everyone to appear in traditional attire.

 You can also select format where you can add on your family photo giving a personalized touch to your house warming ceremony invitation card in. You can also add text of your preferred language in the invitation card of griha Pravesh in Hindi as shown in the sample below.

Address your invitations properly When sending out your housewarming invitation message to someone, it is very important to mention address clearly those who are invited (including children)in the occasion. This also helps guests to assess who from the family is invited.
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