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Marriage Biodata is one of the important documents for you to begin your search for a life partner on an online matrimonial platform. But more often than not because of the designing lack and improper biodata format. Hence, you must get your marriage biodata right with the proper marriage biodata format. Biodata Format For Marriage For Girls and boys must be clean and speak load about the personality and character. About myself and partner preference matters a lot in the Male and female bio data for marriage.

Download the Latest Biodata Format For Marriage Doc (Word file)

There comes a moment in your life when you see a person and realize that yes, this is the one I want to spend my life with. You then express your feelings and soon get engaged. And the next thing you know:  To get the best response and good match it’s always suggested to have a profile of the person which tells you how actually the person is and the likes and dislikes.

Marriage Biodata for girls and boys plays a very important role in telling you about the person you are going to make your life partner thought your life. in every circumstance of life, formats play a very important role so in the case of biodata as well biodata for marriage format is an important aspect to be taken care of when writing a marriage biodata. Biodata must always be neat and clean with a proper background and the design must be attractive so that it blows the mind of the person to whom you are sending the biodata.

6 Biodata format for marriage for girl and Boys samples

1.Latest Hindu marriage biodata for girls with religious symbols.
bio data for marriage
Latest Biodata Format For Marriage in phrase (Doc)
2.Latest biodata format for marriage for boys with religious symbols.
Hindu Marriage Bio data Krishna-Flute
indu marriage biodata format doc with Krishna-Flute
3.Biodata format for marriage for girls with flowers yellow theme.
Marriage Biodata word format
5.Biodata format for marriage for girls and boys decent temple theme.
Milan Mantra Marriage biodata

6.Formal Biodata format for marriage for boy with clean background .
marriage biodata format

Let’s discuss some of the key factors for a proper biodata format for marriage for boys & girls

biodata format for marriage for girls and boys plays an important role in maintaining the cleanliness and charm of the marriage biodata. biodata format for marriage for girls and boys must be very straightforward to tell about yourself and your overall appearance and personality. Keeping in mind our latest biodata format for marriage doc remaining a proper texture to boost the look and personality.

Key factors to making a perfect marriage biodata with proper format.

1. Proper Background and clear appearance:
Marriage biodata for girls and boys must be very neat and clean when it comes to hits texture and look. the color combinations are well defined and with proper borders and margins. Marriage biodata format main container good design and awesome art which attracts and providing a better look.

2. proper indentation:
All the sections of marriage biodata must be properly aligned and be at the best place where it suits. proper indentation giver clear cut idea and also provide Sab beta look to your marriage biodata format

3. Proper Detailings:
when it comes to marriage biodata format a marriage biodata format must contain all the information mentioned below.

personal information such as photographs, name , your birthday, time of birth, body type, educational qualifications, professional and occupation, income, your habits comedy Lifestyle interest.

Religious Data: Religion, Caste / Sub-Caste, Gotra, Rashi ,Mangalik

4. Profile and cover Photograph: 
A picture is worth a thousand words. In most cases, people mind looking first at the photo even before examining the marriage biodata. If the photo is missing or is not a good one, your marriage biodata may not create a great impression and seems boring like a commodity. our male and female bio data for marriage keeps the care of it and allows us to maintain good image quality.

  • a good picture is a must
  • It should be color and a recent one.
  • Include in profile and cover pages.
  • Not a group photo
  • fresh look with smiling face.
  • appropriate clothes and accessories.

5. Family Details:
The family details are the most important aspect of the perfect marriage biodata format. Hence complete information needs to be given here about family members and relatives. The immediate family involves both the parents, brothers and sisters, and their spouses, maternal, paternal families.
Father/Mother’s Name, Profession of Parents, Family lives in, Family Type, Family Values, Sibling Details

Horoscope Details: Hindus prefer to have horoscope details in their biodata as A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event. Muslims prefer to have Kazi Nazrul Islam Horoscope and Christians would prefer some other religious details. So, it would be better to add such preferred details including horoscope match and other relevant information on your profile.

(6) Personality – Interests and Hobbies:
There is a lot you can communicate on marriage biodata to express your personality, taste, style, likes, and way of looking at life. You may like to include:
Personal Interest, Hobbies, Likes and dislikes, Eating Preferences: Vegetarian / Non-Vegetarian, Smoker / Non-Smoker and teetotaler or not. Sharing your hobbies, opinions about life, culture, history, any special practices such as serving the poor, helping the needy, countries traveled to, knowledge of languages, reading hobbies, etc. will give a fair idea of what type of person you are and gives a rough idea about you in mind.

Download the best word file(Doc file) and edit as you want.

Marriage biodata for girls and boys can be shared through the word file. It is one of the best practices to download the word file from Milan Mantra and share where ever required. You can easily download the files using the following steps:

  1. Login/ signup to Milan Mantra. visit:
  2. Select the template on our word format page, you can also click here to go to word format marriage biodata marriage biodata format docx
  3. Click on the download button and pay the charges.
  4. After payment, the marriage biodata format Docx or the word file is automatically downloaded to your computer or mobile.

Download Bio data for marriage for girl & boys on Milan Mantra.

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